Casa do Castelo

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Beside the Medieval Castle of Montalegre, overlooking to the village of Montalegre, you can found the Castle House.

Placed on the noblest area of the village, Castle house was decorated with special care, where you can observe the mixture of rustic in perfect harmony with the modern.
Come and taste the local gastronomy, searching into the battlements of the castle in search of ancestral memories, in an environment of peace, calm and tranquility.
Address: Terreiro do Açougue 5470-250 Montalegre
Phone: 276 511 237
"Fragmentos Urbanos", de Rui Duarte

"Fragmentos Urbanos", de Rui Duarte

16 Aug to 23 Oct 2022
The plastic artist Rui Duarte returns to exhibit his art at the headquarters of the Ecomuseu de...
32.ª Feira do Fumeiro, Montalegre

32.ª Feira do Fumeiro, Montalegre

06 Sep 2022 to 22 Jan 2023
The next Feira do Fumeiro in Montalegre already has a date: 19 to 22 January 2023. Book this...
Restaurant Piano Bar O Castelo

Restaurant Piano Bar O Castelo

Restaurant Piano Bar O CasteloThe restaurant is situated in a privileged area next to the castle...
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Pelourinho de Montalegre

Transept of revivalist architecture, with three steps, one parallelepiped plinth and a capital type quadrangular platform. Featuring a coat of arms of...

Church of the Castle in Montalegre

The Church of the Castle is one of the two churches in the medieval area of the village. This church, which was the main one before the construction of the...
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