DIRCK - IV International Descent From Rio Coura By Kayak

DIRCK - IV International Descent From Rio Coura By Kayak

Av. de Camões 9, 4910-102 Caminha, Portugal 15 Jun 2019
09:29 - 18:30
Caminha promotes IV International Descent of Rio Coura in Kayak.  

The route runs between Vilar de Mouros and Caminha, with a scheduled duration of three hours.  
It begins next to the Roman Bridge of Vilar de Mouros, on the Coura river, in the small river beach, that so well receives the thousands of visitors of the mythical Festival of Vilar de Mouros.
The first kilometers of this route are very amusing, because the river bed is very narrow and sinuous.
The final part of the route, which ends in Caminha in the pier "between bridges", is more relaxed, allows to enjoy the natural heritage that offers the marsh of the river Coura, inserted in the Natura 2000 Network.

This course invites fun!  
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