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Vila Verde
The municipality of Vila Verde offers an excellent varied gastronomic menu, constituting a rich cultural legacy, with emphasis on the chicken rice "Pica no Chão" and the "Pudding Abade Priscos. Here we open doors to the savours of Vila Verde, sharing with all those who visit us, traditional tastes that surprise you by its authenticity and juiciness.

There is a range of restaurants and bakeries where you can meet up with the traditional gastronomy on an occasional visit to the Vila Verde municipality. However, if you prefer real party environments with Minho tradition, you can enjoy a large diversity of these dishes throughout some cultural events and gastronomic shows, namely in the Gastronomic Festival of Vila Verde, held within the context of the exhibition Regional Products Show of Vila Verde, annually taking place in the month of October, at the taverns of Municipality Festival Parties of Vila Verde; the St. António de Mixões da Serra, in Valdreu; at the “Feira dos Vinte” (Twenties Fair), in the village of Prado; and “Feiras Novas” (New Fairs), in the village of Pico de Regalados.

Surprise yourself with the corn-made bread, once a sign wealth of many houses, and enjoy it in the morning with coffee/milk at breakfast, at noon with the broth and at snack time with ham. With the harder cornbread, try "tired donkey soup" made with red wine and brown sugar and feel more strength. Be amazed with the diversity of flavours, colours and aromas of “Caldos (soups) à Lavrador, made of pumpkin, turnip and turnip greens, and the “caldo verde” which provide energy and strength, and was once the Minho’s nutritional provision.

Being a mountainous region and of many crossing watercourses, the meat dishes control our gastronomy, in a mixture with flavours and land ingredients, which have unique tastes. Try the “Coelho (Rabbit) à Caçador,  “Cabrito (Lamb) in the oven, “Rojões (Pork meats) in Minho Style” the “Papas (Shredded Meat) de Sarrabulho”, the “Cozido à Portuguesa (Boiled Vegetables and Meats), the “Barrosã Steak”, “Duck Rice and the “Pasta with Rabbit”. Some dishes are accompanied with rice and peas or saucy tomato rice.

As for the fish dishes, the menu has a great and varied offer. Surprise yourself with the “Açorda de Bacalhau”, “Saucy Rice with Pataniscas (Codfish fritters)” or “Bolinhos Bacalhau (Potato and Codfish) pastries, “Sardines with Rice”, “Octopus with rice”, “Red beans rice with greens accompanied with cod slices. To mark the tasting experience, it is recommended that the dishes are watered with delicate flavours and fresh flavours of red or white wine from the region.

End this trip throughout the flavours of Vila Verde, delighting yourself with the variety of sweets. Enjoy the milk pudding, caramelised cream, the Rabanadas, the Formigos, the Sonhos, the Aletria and Bolo-Rei (traditional Xmas fruit cake, the Chiffon cake (pascal), the Sweet Rice Pudding, the white glacé sweet and yellow custard cream cakes, the baked apples and a variety of other assorted cookies that you will find in the speciality bakeries existent in the municipality.

Location: Vila Verde
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